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Every garage needs a durable, easy to maintain floor. Your garage floor takes daily abuse and must be able to withstand foot traffic and the weight of multiple heavy vehicles. However, just because your floor has to be strong, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice beauty.

Epoxy Garage Flooring by CA Resurfacing

We offer a collection of hybrid polymer floor coatings to satisfy both your needs and your style. We can give you the best garage floors no matter what you use it for – both residential and commercial epoxy flooring. A new epoxy floor will make your garage safer, cleaner, and much easier to use. Not to mention, a beautiful garage will increase the value of your home!

We have the right equipment for the job. We only use high performance Poly topcoat. Our professional team makes sure you’ll get the quality and expertise that comes with years of experience.

Over 5000 garages completed. Our 300+ reviews and 5-star rating make CA Resurfacing your only call. For over 18 years, we are your #1 epoxy floor coating expert serving Orange County, Los Angeles, and nearby areas!

Garage Flooring Available in a Variety of Colors

We offer epoxy garage flooring in a variety of colors. Whichever style you choose, all of our coatings are durable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting.

Why CA Resurfacing?

We are the leader in garage flooring solutions and epoxy floors. We also offer garage cabinetry, custom closets, and more. With our comprehensive product line and a design and installation team, unlike any other out there, we know we can complete your project and leave you in awe.

Difference Between Epoxy Paint and Epoxy Coating

Homeowners are quickly noticing the advantages of garage floor coating. However, many people don’t know whether to use epoxy paint or epoxy coating to solve their problems.

Epoxy vs. Paint

Firstly, epoxy floor coating and epoxy paint are two entirely different things.

Epoxy paint is made of latex acrylic, although it gets its name because a small amount of epoxy may be added to the mixture to make the paint adhere better and prevent it from peeling over time.

Epoxy paint can be bought as-is and be applied by yourself by rolling or spraying.

Meanwhile, epoxy coating is made of a polyamine hardener and resin. This mixture needs to be produced by garage floor coating professionals.

To apply epoxy coating, you must perform a moisture test and expose surface pores to enhance adhesion. As you can infer, this is a complex procedure that requires professional help, particularly since the process requires two to three applications to ensure the epoxy coating sticks.

What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy consists of one part epoxy resin and one part polyamine hardener. These parts must be mixed together prior to the application of the floor coating. After mixing, you have a small window of time and temperature to apply the coating.

You’ll also come across colored epoxies. This is where the resin itself is tinted. When the epoxy is not tinted, it will go on as a clear coating. Epoxy floor coatings do not dry like paint.

The mixing of the two parts creates a reactive process that links the components while the mixture cures. The result is a hard and durable surface that seals concrete. It’s also resistant to staining and chemicals.

Why Epoxy Coating For Your Garage?

Epoxy coating is one of the most resistant, durable, and affordable finishes that you can apply to your garage floor. It protects the structure beneath while instantly transforming ugly cement into a professional, shiny, and beautiful floor.

Garage floor epoxy coating is used for both residential and commercial flooring applications, from your home garages to showrooms and more. Depending on your particular application, you can select a variety of colors, hues, and custom designs.


The hardened, thick application of epoxy creates a coating that’s not only pleasing to the eye, but incredibly resistant to impact, chipping, chemicals, stains, and abrasion. This is why these flooring solutions are often used in commercial garages where heavy machinery is used, and cars and trucks are coming in and out of the garage.

Other floors will show signs of wear and tear within just a few months, but when maintained properly, epoxy garage floor coating can last years.

Hides Imperfecions

The thicker epoxy coating also covers minor imperfections in the floor. Your concrete floor may have spider cracks or flaws that don’t look as good as you’d want it to. However, with epoxy coatings, you can cover it up and have no one be the wiser.

Anti-Dusting and Moisture Resistant

Cement flooring can shed dust, which can make garages appear dirtier than they actually are. Even normal foot traffic on bare concrete can kick up dust and collect on cars and storage items, not to mention track the dust into the house.

If you live in snowy climates, you’ll be happy to know that garage floor epoxy coating is also moisture-resistant, which makes for easy cleaning of both ice and salts that collect in your garage during the cold months.

Chemical Resistant

Epoxy flooring is also valued by mechanics and hobbyists because it’s both chemical and stain-resistant. That means oil, brake fluids, anti-freeze, gasoline, and other car chemicals can be wiped out without worrying about staining. In fact, you can even hold off until you’re done finishing your flooring project to clean up these spills without damaging your floors, avoiding interruptions to workflow.

How is Garage Floor Epoxy Applied?

Applying epoxy coating to your garage floor should only be done by the professionals. These floors require proper preparation, which is crucial for success. Preparation may involve floor grinding, blasting, or acid etching. Epoxy itself must also be mixed correctly, or it will not adhere properly, and you could potentially destroy your garage floor.

Epoxy floor systems typically involve multiple coats to ensure the best quality.

Ready to get started with garage floor coatings? Call the experts at CA Resurfacing today!

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