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Epoxy flooring in Los Angeles is long-lasting, durable, and attractive for both residential and commercial applications. These flooring systems resurface concrete and garage floors and can even if them a pop of color or distinct design.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating in Los Angeles, California

Epoxy flooring is also known as epoxy resin flooring or resinous flooring. It’s a highly durable flooring system designed to be low-maintenance and resistant to chemicals, moisture, and extreme heat. It’s also easy to make it your own with customized colors and metallic epoxy.

Epoxy floor systems are ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic, machinery, and those prone to abrasions.

The epoxy mixture itself consists of both polymer resins and hardeners that, when combined, create a chemical bond with each other and the floor. This hard bond ends up becoming a durable, hard, and resistant floor system that could potentially last for decades.

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy flooring can be used in almost any industry because it offers significant benefits.


Wear resistance is often one of the first questions professionals are asked about flooring. The wear itself refers to the lifespan of the floor. The more significant the wear, the fewer years the flooring will last.

Some surfaces hold up better than others when it comes to flooring. Epoxy floor just has to be one of those that is specially formulated to withstand harsh conditions, heavy foot traffic, and more.


When looking for garage floor epoxy in Los Angeles, it’s important that you understand static control. As a person walks across the floor, it can build a static charge through friction. Static charge causes sparks could potentially cause fires, especially in establishments that handle flammable chemicals or vapors. When choosing your epoxy flooring, make sure to consider the conductivity of the material for its intended use.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Showrooms and public areas need to maintain floors that are both durable and beautiful. The flooring must reflect light and improve the space visually. Epoxy is customizable and can be designed to fit any business environment. Available in a variety of colors, it can also reflect the branding of the business.

Chemical Resistance

Depending on the type of industry you’re in, you may need flooring that is resistant to chemicals. As you may know, chemicals can destroy floors quickly. However, epoxy flooring systems contain properties to protect flooring from spills. This is one advantage that commercial garages value when it comes to their flooring solutions.


Every industry can benefit from epoxy floors Los Angeles garage experts. Our garage floor coatings are low-maintenance and easy to clean. In fact, these types of floors resist the absorption of materials into the surface, which means that spilled liquids can sit on them and you won’t have to worry about stains. In most environments, all you have to do is sweep every night and clean the floors with mild soap once a week to maintain the integrity of the floors.


Another benefit of epoxy flooring is that it’s reflective and shiny. This comes in handy in public spaces that need to create a sense of space or highlight certain items, like cars. You will also find epoxy flooring in museums because of its reflective nature. You can find epoxy floors available by gloss levels that provide better lighting to any space.

Why Epoxy Flooring by CA Resurfacing?

Garage floor epoxy in Los Angeles, California, can completely transform your drab concrete floors. Whether you need to fill cracks to maintain the integrity of your concrete surfaces or want to switch your flooring to a completely new solution, we can help you achieve the right design and function for your floor.

We have worked with various industries, designing and installing epoxy flooring for all types of functions. Our multi-step process ensures that your commercial epoxy floor coating comes out right the first time.

Have you had epoxy flooring installed, and it didn’t come out quite right? We also fix epoxy work done by other companies who failed to do the job correctly the first time. You should invest in your floors, because the day-to-day of your business will be built on this foundation.

We specialize in epoxy floor coating solutions, including surface crack repair and concrete grinding. Our team of professionals has experience in both residential and commercial areas, making us the top epoxy specialists in the county.

Industries We Serve

No matter what industry you’re in, we have an epoxy flooring system that can make running your business easier. With less time spent maintaining the floors to increase their longevity, you can focus on what really matters.

  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities need to be spotlessly clean. Epoxy floors in your clinics, hospitals, processing labs will be easy to disinfect and maintain.

  • Showrooms and Museums

Showrooms must be well-lit and decorative. Reflective epoxy flooring improves the lighting in any showroom or museum so that the items on display can truly shine.

  • Education

Schools of all kinds suffer from two inevitable things: heavy foot traffic and messes. Epoxy floors Los Angeles experts meet all the needs of schools by providing more ideal solutions for classrooms, cafeterias, and laboratories. Schools can even choose to design their flooring; they can include a design that reflects the unique personality of their institution.

  • Automotive

The automotive industry requires flooring that can stand up to chemicals, impact, and heavy traffic. In areas like these, conductive floors may also be required. Epoxy covers all of these bases and more.

Why Us?

CA Resurfacing specializes in epoxy garage floor coatings. With our help, you can completely transform your concrete floors.

Do you need a particular design or pattern? We’ve got you covered. Your floors can be anything you need them to be when you choose epoxy.

We’ve worked with businesses of all types and residential customers who want to improve their garage floors. We’re here to design and install epoxy flooring for any application. With our process, your flooring always comes out just the way you need it to. We also offer epoxy flooring in Orange County, CA.

Ready to get started with epoxy flooring in Los Angeles, California? Call the experts at CA Resurfacing today!

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