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An epoxy flooring contractor in Orange County provides premium garage floor epoxy coatings with a number of functions such as being slip, chemical, and abrasion-resistant. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of epoxy garage flooring is that it’s also extremely durable.

From an aesthetically appealing standpoint, your floors can be as decorative as they are functional, no matter the garage.

Concrete Polishing and Epoxy Garage Floor Equipment

Orange County Epoxy Coating Services

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring, also known as resinous flooring and epoxy resin flooring, is a highly durable floor solution. It’s also easily customizable, sustainable, and looks great in any establishment, from hotel lobbies to commercial garages.

This coating system is resistant to high levels of wear and tear, making it ideal for environments that get a lot of foot traffic and impact.

What is Epoxy Coating Made Of?

The epoxy coating consists of a combination of both polymer resins and hardeners. When mixed by professional flooring experts, the resins and hardeners create a chemical bond with one another and the floor itself. This bond ends up being extremely durable, hard, and resistant.

Epoxy Application

Once the mixture is complete, it is evenly applied to the existing flooring. It typically takes multiple layers of epoxy, with a depth of at least two millimeters. This ensures the durability of the substance.

Why Epoxy Flooring by CA Resurfacing?

Garage floor epoxy in Orange County, California, can completely transform your drab concrete floors. Whether you need to fill cracks to maintain the integrity of your concrete surfaces or want to switch your flooring to a completely new solution, our epoxy coating contractor can help you achieve the right design and function for your floor.

We have worked with various industries, designing and installing epoxy floor for all types of functions. Our multi-step process ensures that your epoxy garage floor comes out right the first time.

Have you had epoxy floor installed, and it didn’t come out quite right? We also fix epoxy work done by other companies who failed to do the job correctly the first time. We believe that every business and garage should have the floors it deserves.

We specialize in epoxy floor coating solutions, including surface crack repair, concrete grinding and polishing. Our team of professionals has experience in both residential and commercial epoxy flooring, making us the top epoxy specialists in Orange County.

Why Choose Epoxy?

Durable Epoxy Floor

Epoxy is one of the most durable flooring solutions on the market today. A thick and hard application of epoxy is not only beautiful; it can withstand extreme weight and heat. It can also resist abrasions, which is why it’s a popular solution for garages, labs, hotel lobbies, and pet rescues.

While other flooring solutions are liable to wear and tear within just a few months, epoxy floors can last decades or even lifetime when properly maintained.


Epoxy flooring is also moisture resistant and anti-dusting. As you may know, concrete flooring can shed, which means that customers and vehicles can track dust and dirt into your establishment. Even the bare minimum foot traffic can kick up dust and collect on cars, storage, and items.

If you live in snowy climates, moisture resistance will be key to keeping your space clean. With epoxy floor coating, cleaning ice and salts that collect on the floor is a breeze.

Not only is epoxy resistant to water, moisture, and dust, it’s also chemical-resistant, which is key for commercial garages.

Mechanics and hobbyists alike value epoxy flooring because oil, brake fluids, anti-freeze, gasoline, and other chemicals are no match for this flooring. In fact, these chemicals can even sit on the floor and wait to be cleaned up.


Epoxy floor is easily customizable. Your flooring can look different than all of the others. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, you can design a concrete floor that reflects your brand.

This is ideal for many businesses in Orange County that need to have a cohesive look and feel throughout their business. A lab or a warehouse may be complete with a solid color floor that lets workers easily spot spills and dropped objects. On the other hand, hotel lobbies may require calming and eye-catching designs to promote a sense of happiness for their guests. Epoxy can do it all.

Industries We Serve

Any industry can benefit from concrete polishing and epoxy floor coating. Here are just a few examples of industry that requires epoxy floor.

  • Healthcare

The floors in a healthcare facility, like a hospital, must be easily maintained and simple to clean and disinfect. Because they also have a tremendous amount of patients to work with every day, hospitals must also have floors that are durable and stain-resistant.

  • Auto Showrooms

Showrooms require a bit of flair, but must also be durable enough for the hundreds if not thousands of potential customers that walk through their doors every day. Epoxy garage floors are not only decorative; they are protected from impact, chemicals, and wear and tear.

  • Education

Both colleges and primary schools need concrete floors that are noise-reducing, extremely durable, and spill-resistant.

Epoxy floors are great solutions for busy areas like cafeterias, science rooms, and everyday classrooms. Epoxy flooring solutions can also be designed to reflect the school colors and mascot.

  • Manufacturing

All types of manufacturing plants have certain flooring requirements. Their concrete floor must be resistant to impacts, chemicals, and abrasions.

  • Retail and Hotel

Cleanliness is a top priority for retail and hotel business owners. Their establishments are founded on appearing inviting and being trustworthy. Concrete floors for these establishments should be attractive, easy to clean, resilient enough to withstand foot traffic and impact from trolley or cart wheels.

We Are Garage Floor Experts

We have completed over 5000 garages since 2000. We have the right equipment for the job and we only offer premium concrete coatings or top coat for decorative and custom epoxy flooring.

Want to know if you need polished concrete or epoxy floor for your home garage or commercial facility? Contact us today to get a quote or schedule a service.

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